(Finally) ran my 5th half-marathon; I feel like I’ve been training forever for some reason! And while running it I felt like I hadn’t trained hard enough.

I made the medium sized mistake of going out a little too hard for the first 4 miles, and that made the end a lot harder. Also this was definitely the most difficult course I’ve run — about eight steep hills (four out and four back), and a mile of hilly trail running. The trail running definitely slowed me down a lot –it was muddy, slippery, uneven, tree roots, and hills. Wooo. Also, I’ve never run a half in June before. Humidity is hard.

So, I didn’t get the time I wanted. But maybe I should be proud I stayed in the same range even on a difficult course in June. I was hoping for sub 2:20, but ended up with 2:23:27 (or 10:57/miles which is okay).

Bib #:  576
Gun Time:  2:26:59.5
Chip Time:  2:23:27.7 (10:57/mile)
Overall Place:   447/627
Age Group Place:  48/68 (Female 25 to 29)


Now on to marathon training? Well. I better get started.

I think I’m afraid of birds now. While running this evening I was literally attacked by this bird here. Okay, to be honest, I’m not 100% it was that kind of bird as it swooped at me from behind started shrieking, and then tried to bite my head successfully making off with some hair. That website doesn’t say this bird is super territorial so either I’m wrong about the type of bird or birds (like people and elephants) come in different types–some are just jerks.

I was running big laps so I passed this bird about 5 times. Or potentially passed it 5 times. The first time, it attacked my head, I SCREAMED! Then laughed at myself. I was totally prepared to come home and put on facebook: “Attacked by a bird while running–don’t worry he just made off with a little hair. Couldn’t say if he loved or loathed the new haircut…”

Then I passed him for the second time. I was like head swivel left, head swivel right PHEW all clear, no crazy kamikaze bird on this bridge this time! And the JUST AS I WAS RUNNING OFF! He swooped in and started SHRIEKING AT MEEEEEEE. Again. I ran off and shouted back at it GO AWAY!

Third lap I went around his precious bridge.

Fourth lap I saw what I think was actually a different bird but it was a red spot blackbird or whatever but it was making the same I HATE YOU SO MUCH noise. I am not proud of this. I actually screamed at it “I WILL CUT YOU!” Thank god there was no one else around. That I saw.

Fifth lap I did like an extra tenth of a mile to give the fucking bird all the space it wanted. Stupid bird.



DC was awesome by the way– caught a Nats game (WHICH THEY WON) ate some delicious food and remembered how much I miss the city. Sigh. NOT depressed about heading to Philly rather than DC, just sort of always thought I’d go back for awhile and now I’m not really sure that’ll ever fit in. When you’re in DC there’s just this feeling…important stuff happens here! I mean, this year on State of the Union day not one person mentioned or discussed that the president was giving like, an important speech that night. Na da. But in DC, it’s all anyone would talk about. When you’re there you don’t realize how little people outside give a shit about some things because THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Since then I celebrated an anniversary (Two years!?!) with hiking and running seven miles and eating. Three of my top favorite things. Love you G. Lots.

Now trying to make it through May –Bar convention, my brother’s wedding, crazy times at work with no interns. And trying to decide whether to sign up for a marathon this fall or wait for next spring. Thoughts? Philly? New York ? Both are this fall. Spring would be Gettysburg or maybe Rhode Island?

May have really impressively (embarrassingly) passed out after a 6 mile run… Not sure what happened. Probably just really dehydrated. Just weird because although I have passed out many times -shout out to Colorado! I have never passed out after running before. Also, I was in a bar when I passed out (eating dinner! Not drinking!) and I heard this guy shout “Yo is that girl wasted?!” as I was going down. Not my best moment. I tried to correct him, no sir i just ran 6.5 miles, f-you! But I was busy being unconscious. But still, feeling like it was a one-off and still motivated to do this marathon thing. It’s the next challenge you know? I got the half-marathon under control, this will be my 5th. I may not always feel great at the end, I may not get the best time, but there’s no longer a doubt in my mind I can run 13.1 miles. So time for the next challenge.

Now I guess it’s time for bed.

In case you were curious, half-marathon training is going great. About a month in, and haven’t missed a run yet. Also haven’t done a run over 5 miles…but that is coming THIS SUNDAY!

I’m thinking more and more seriously about this marathon thing. I really want to run one. Or run part hobble part. I’m fine with that. G has opted out of being my marathon buddy 😦 I WENT SKIING FOR YOU! TWO TIMES! I want that on the record. If my shins would cooperate I honestly wouldn’t have any doubts about running it. With the shin pain I’m just worried about ending up with a permanent injury. I want to run forever.

In other news: looks more and more like I’m moving to Philly this fall. Crazy pants. Also, Bmonster had an awesome bridal shower. You are very pretty and I love you. AND this weekend I’m going to DC.

Also, I am vowing to do more crafting and reading to balance out the fact that lately I have pretty much been (1) working (2) running (3) watching Castle. Not really sure why…it’s just on so much! Do you have any book recommendations? Do you have any crafty projects ? I need something new to knit…preferably on size 8 needles.

And with a wonderful thunderstorm… Yesterday I was like, “IT IS SO NICE OUT I AM GOING RUNNING!” And I did. Ran 3.2 miles, and it was glorious. And it was a solid run too, there were hills! I ate waffle fries after with my running buddy.

Today, I was like “OKAY IT IS GETTING SORT OF OMINOUS LOOKING BUT OTHERWISE IT IS NICE! I AM GOING  RUNNING!” Except it takes like 20 minutes to drive to where it’s safe for me to run. :/ So I got there, drop drop drop. I start running. It starts POURING. I made it 1/2 a mile before I realized this was a thunderstorm and it was not about to blow over. Sigh. I sat in my car for a bit calling people to complain and hoping I might still get to do a little more running. Then I gave up.

Bright side: On the way home I found gas for 3.21! It’s practically free! Unless you compare it to the 1.30 I remember gas costing…

OTHER THINGS! A certain someone’s Bridal Shower is this weekend ❤ So that’s going to be fun. Plus running a 5K Saturday. Also officially began training for the half marathon on Monday.

Seems like I went on vacation a really long time ago but really it was quite recent…so yeah! Colorado was AWESOME. It was very much winter there–it snowed like the whole time we were there. Which was PERFECT for snow shoeing and hot springs! Plus there was much reading, eating, drinking, and general merriment with wonderful college friends (and G-who is technically a friend from college…)

If I remember to take pictures expect Peanut Butter Fudge Tartlets tomorrow!