I’ve been on the hold list at my library for Fire and Fury (the Trump book, not the WWII book) since January, and I’m actually surprised it only took until mid February to get it — I was number 140 on the hold list when I joined.

I remain glad I opted to wait and read the library’s copy of this book, I think there’s going to be a huge surplus of copies in about a year.  I kind of felt like I had to read it because it was all over the news and everyone was talking about it.  But now that I have read it, I can tell you that you don’t really need to read it.  Reading coverage of it and excerpts was very very similar to reading the entire book.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that Wolff is either completely accurate in every detail (lots of reporters have pointed out that he got many small, checkable details wrong) or that he’s totally wrong in every way (lots of things in the book have been reported by other news outlets).  I will say that that book is entertaining as written, which is kind of terrifying, or maybe it’s that now that you know nothing in the first nine months (all that’s covered in this book) led to nuclear war, you can laugh at some crazy things that happened.

It is not a flattering book for Trump obviously, although if accurate, it suggests that his campaign couldn’t possibly have actively colluded with Russia because they just didn’t have it together enough to do so. So, there’s that for him I guess…

I also read two fiction book recently — The Last Girlfriend on Earth – Simon Rich
and The Double Comfort Safari Club -Alexander McCall Smith.  The Alexander McCall Smith was because I realized that if I’m going to read 100 books this year, I’m going to have keep mixing in some lighthearted, 200-250 page books and the library happens to have pretty much all The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency books, many of which I haven’t read.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy Mma Ramotswe as a character, it’s been about ten years since I stopped reading this series every time a new one came out. I will continue to recommend Alexander McCall Smith books, although they aren’t must reads like Little Fires Everywhere, they are enjoyable books.

I don’t recommend The Last Girlfriend on Earth — I though I would enjoy it because I enjoyed hearing Daniel Radcliffe read one of the stories on This American Life.  But as I read the book, I became more and more frustrated about how bro-y the book was.  The main character in every short story is pretty much a dude, the women are rarely given much character at all, no agency.  The one Daniel Radcliffe reads is actually one of my favorites, and still — it’s almost 100% inside the guy’s head.  He uses time travel rather than having a conversation with his girlfriend about like, her feelings.  Some of these short stories are funny, but about 150 pages in, I was just frustrated.

Currently reading: Still working on Prarie Fires… also Woolly and The Largesse of the Sea Maiden.