December 2013

Here is a real conversation I had today:

Me: I will call Pathmark and see if they are open as I have a dreadful need for more turkey than I have.

Me: *Dialing*

Pathmark: *Regular menu that doesn’t say if they are open* If you’d like to speak to a customer service representative press ‘0’

Me: 0!

Pathmark Rep: Pathmark, open til 5.

Me: THAT WAS MY QUESTION! (Implication: you are full of magic!)

PR:  I know. CLICK.


Apparently he was tired of answering  the same question all day…

Herev is what I have learned so far, 

1. I can now spell the word ‘exhausted’

That is all.

No I’m kidding.  But that’s the thing in most proud of if I’m being honest.

Also,  look at my sweet puppy discovering the ocean!