So far I have learned a few things from my…few days owning a puppy (okay: technically she’s a dog because she’s 1 1/2 years old):

1) I am sooo not ready to be a parent. At all. Although I suppose you’re allowed to take your children to the grocery store (in fact I believe it is quite frowned upon to leave them home until they are much bigger), I have such a hard time leaving her at all. Ever. She cries when I come back. With happiness. Even when it has been like…10 minutes.

2) I have a very soft heart. ie – I will give the puppy anything she wants if she shows me sad eyes. If I don’t give it to her, I feel terrible. I’m doing better. But I gave her so many treats our first two days together she tried to give up eating regular puppy food either to see if I would just feed her treats and peanut butter forever or because she was so full of peanut butter. I’m trying to do better. Because she needs me not to be so soft hearted all the time. But it is very hard (see above: not ready to be a parent).

3. I love sleep. I get very sad when she starts whining at 6:30 to be let out. Very sad. See above: not ready to be a parent.

4. My children are going to be geniuses or idiots. I say this because I hear talking to your children makes them smarter. But if how I talk to my puppy is any indication, I will talk to them like idiots. Seriously. I have a stupid puppy voice. “Do you want some water? I think you do! I know they say drink to your thirst puppy, but I really think you should have some water, yes you should, yes you should” “Are you my pretty puppy? Yes you are pretty pretty puppy. Pretty pretty puppy.” See above, not ready to be a parent.

5. I am going to spoil her, any future children, and possibly anything else cute ever to cross my path. (See soft hearted, not ready to be a parent). Took her to Petco and bought her everything she liked. Which is everything. It’s a good thing she’s just a puppy and can’t be like: please give me a ferrari?! I’ll be such a good puppy!

I am trying to be a better puppy owner. But it is hard. She is very cute. Kudos to Kaydo for sending me some recipes for kongs that may help me feel less terrible when I leave my puppy.