(Finally) ran my 5th half-marathon; I feel like I’ve been training forever for some reason! And while running it I felt like I hadn’t trained hard enough.

I made the medium sized mistake of going out a little too hard for the first 4 miles, and that made the end a lot harder. Also this was definitely the most difficult course I’ve run — about eight steep hills (four out and four back), and a mile of hilly trail running. The trail running definitely slowed me down a lot –it was muddy, slippery, uneven, tree roots, and hills. Wooo. Also, I’ve never run a half in June before. Humidity is hard.

So, I didn’t get the time I wanted. But maybe I should be proud I stayed in the same range even on a difficult course in June. I was hoping for sub 2:20, but ended up with 2:23:27 (or 10:57/miles which is okay).

Bib #:  576
Gun Time:  2:26:59.5
Chip Time:  2:23:27.7 (10:57/mile)
Overall Place:   447/627
Age Group Place:  48/68 (Female 25 to 29)


Now on to marathon training? Well. I better get started.