DC was awesome by the way– caught a Nats game (WHICH THEY WON) ate some delicious food and remembered how much I miss the city. Sigh. NOT depressed about heading to Philly rather than DC, just sort of always thought I’d go back for awhile and now I’m not really sure that’ll ever fit in. When you’re in DC there’s just this feeling…important stuff happens here! I mean, this year on State of the Union day not one person mentioned or discussed that the president was giving like, an important speech that night. Na da. But in DC, it’s all anyone would talk about. When you’re there you don’t realize how little people outside give a shit about some things because THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Since then I celebrated an anniversary (Two years!?!) with hiking and running seven miles and eating. Three of my top favorite things. Love you G. Lots.

Now trying to make it through May –Bar convention, my brother’s wedding, crazy times at work with no interns. And trying to decide whether to sign up for a marathon this fall or wait for next spring. Thoughts? Philly? New York ? Both are this fall. Spring would be Gettysburg or maybe Rhode Island?

May have really impressively (embarrassingly) passed out after a 6 mile run… Not sure what happened. Probably just really dehydrated. Just weird because although I have passed out many times -shout out to Colorado! I have never passed out after running before. Also, I was in a bar when I passed out (eating dinner! Not drinking!) and I heard this guy shout “Yo is that girl wasted?!” as I was going down. Not my best moment. I tried to correct him, no sir i just ran 6.5 miles, f-you! But I was busy being unconscious. But still, feeling like it was a one-off and still motivated to do this marathon thing. It’s the next challenge you know? I got the half-marathon under control, this will be my 5th. I may not always feel great at the end, I may not get the best time, but there’s no longer a doubt in my mind I can run 13.1 miles. So time for the next challenge.

Now I guess it’s time for bed.