April 2013

In case you were curious, half-marathon training is going great. About a month in, and haven’t missed a run yet. Also haven’t done a run over 5 miles…but that is coming THIS SUNDAY!

I’m thinking more and more seriously about this marathon thing. I really want to run one. Or run part hobble part. I’m fine with that. G has opted out of being my marathon buddy 😦 I WENT SKIING FOR YOU! TWO TIMES! I want that on the record. If my shins would cooperate I honestly wouldn’t have any doubts about running it. With the shin pain I’m just worried about ending up with a permanent injury. I want to run forever.

In other news: looks more and more like I’m moving to Philly this fall. Crazy pants. Also, Bmonster had an awesome bridal shower. You are very pretty and I love you. AND this weekend I’m going to DC.

Also, I am vowing to do more crafting and reading to balance out the fact that lately I have pretty much been (1) working (2) running (3) watching Castle. Not really sure why…it’s just on so much! Do you have any book recommendations? Do you have any crafty projects ? I need something new to knit…preferably on size 8 needles.

And with a wonderful thunderstorm… Yesterday I was like, “IT IS SO NICE OUT I AM GOING RUNNING!” And I did. Ran 3.2 miles, and it was glorious. And it was a solid run too, there were hills! I ate waffle fries after with my running buddy.

Today, I was like “OKAY IT IS GETTING SORT OF OMINOUS LOOKING BUT OTHERWISE IT IS NICE! I AM GOING  RUNNING!” Except it takes like 20 minutes to drive to where it’s safe for me to run. :/ So I got there, drop drop drop. I start running. It starts POURING. I made it 1/2 a mile before I realized this was a thunderstorm and it was not about to blow over. Sigh. I sat in my car for a bit calling people to complain and hoping I might still get to do a little more running. Then I gave up.

Bright side: On the way home I found gas for 3.21! It’s practically free! Unless you compare it to the 1.30 I remember gas costing…

OTHER THINGS! A certain someone’s Bridal Shower is this weekend ❤ So that’s going to be fun. Plus running a 5K Saturday. Also officially began training for the half marathon on Monday.

Seems like I went on vacation a really long time ago but really it was quite recent…so yeah! Colorado was AWESOME. It was very much winter there–it snowed like the whole time we were there. Which was PERFECT for snow shoeing and hot springs! Plus there was much reading, eating, drinking, and general merriment with wonderful college friends (and G-who is technically a friend from college…)

If I remember to take pictures expect Peanut Butter Fudge Tartlets tomorrow!