Live blogging the Oscars.

9:04 PM — Realized that watching the Oscars with only one person to make snarky comments to is not enough.

9:05 OMG THE AVENGERS CAST EEEEE FANGIRL. Oh they’re all wearing suits. Yes, yes they are. Not sure what wins this, or the soft shoe routine with Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Nah. It’s soft shoe. DID YOU SEE THE SOFT SHOE?

9:09 Officially bored of these award categories. What is this for? Special effects thing? I’ll cry if Prometheus wins. That was the worst hour of my life (followed by the best 30 minutes of watching Madagascar 3).  No, it’s Visual Effects, and Life of Pi wins. All is well in the world.

9:20 Officially decided that The Hobbit should win for best score and Beasts of the Southern Wild for best pictures. Not sure when these categories are coming up. Hmm.

9:32 Ooo I very much like Kerry Washington’s dress. But I don’t care that much about short films. Apparently everyone in the Academy has seen them. But I haven’t.

9:39 Clip of Lincoln. Hmm Now I’m not sure, maybe I want Lincoln to win best picture? It’s pretty best picture-y.

9:55 I know this is a tribute to music in movies…but I’m confused about why we’re doing a Chicago number. It’s good though. Let’s be real, the Oscars are really about what everyone is wearing, the opening 10 minutes, and then who wins best pictures. Sigh.

10:14 Found this article. 😀 Not sure I’m 100% on board with the boyfriend list. But I appreciate what she’s doing there. Also, there is no way I’m going to make it to 11:45, so thanks for letting me know that the tentative end time!

10:24 Meh. Anne Hathaway. I guess I haven’t seen Les Mis, but still. I knew she was going to win, but meh. Would have preferred Sally Field or Jackie Weaver. Maybe even Amy Adams. Has Amy Adams ever won? I think no. She’s been nominated like 3 times recently. Poor adorable thing.

10:33 Forgot to say earlier. BRAVE WON! AND THE GUY WHO ACCEPTED THE AWARD WAS WEARING A KILT. Too cute.  Also. Maybe I should see Argo. Then I would know what everyone is talking about.

Okay. 10:45. I have like 15 more minutes  of watching this in me before falling asleep. And you probably don’t want to read my stream of consciousness any more any way. Good night!