Sadly I’m still carrying a lot of baggage around from last year. I’ve been stressed out and generally spurting emotions. Work has been tough. Telling people they aren’t going to see their kid for the holidays, dealing with crazy people, dealing with mean people, dealing with the overwhelming workload that just. never. stops. I’m resolving to try to work more steadily. To take specific time off, but also not force myself to say…do 5 hours of work from 7pm-12am… Wonder what I am taking a break from now? And also to try not to let people get to me so much. Yeah, me making a mistake isn’t great, but it isn’t the END OF THE WORLD. And yeah, someone may go off on me again, but heck they do that when I don’t make mistakes. So really, I just need to not let that get to me.

*Also I’d like to run 500 miles this year. Maybe 2 half marathons? If we’re dreaming big.

*Stop saying the word “remember” to my Mom. She doesn’t and it just makes me sad.

*Keep trying to force myself to eat apples and yogurt even though I don’t like them. Maybe see if I can start not hating grapes?

*Not overspend, take everything I’ve saved over this year in August and donate half to charity and put half towards my loans.

*Stop freaking out so much about the future, but you know apply for more jobs and such.

*Keep the apartment cleaner, clean out my room at my parent’s house.

I think that’s everything? What are you guys thinking about?