Merry Christmas dear readers. Hope your Christmas is full of light and joy. Or that your Hannukah was. Or that your Kwanza will be. Or your Yule. Winter Solstice? Days off eating cake?

I am currently mid-making my first Christmas dinner. I am at the frustrating part where it is too soon to do lots of things, so I am kind of just rearranging them on the counter and peering at the turkey in a slightly worried manner, “excuse me, Tom, are you done yet? I need to put some things in the oven!” Eep.

Here’s what’s done: nothing. But the mashed potatoes will be, the sweet potato casserole just needs to pop in for a moment, a bunch of veggies are just gonna steam away in the microwave. Rolls in the oven, stuffing on the stove top, cranberrry sauce is coming right out of the can.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! What are you up to?