In maybe 8th or 9th grade I started a new diary. It wasn’t that I was out of pages in the old one, it was that I needed a fresh space. I had started that diary years before, and writing about boys, crushes, dates, high school fears, occasionally thoughts of a deeper nature in the same place I had written my elementary school fears.

Which is all to say: the internet can’t run out of pages. But I need a new space to write about life, and the blog where I wrote about life as a college freshman just doesn’t seem like the place to do it. So here we are.  I am a quasi-grown up. I pay rent with a salary, work 50+ hour weeks, and think about someday settling down with a white picket fence and a kitchen aid mixer. But at the same time I live in a studio, I own a futon not a couch, and the idea of being tied to one place is still kind of scary.

Anyway: this will not be much of a departure from the old blog, just a new space. Hope you like it. 🙂